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IB Information Handbook

The International Baccalaureate program is certified and guided by the International Baccalaureate Organization (http://www.ibo.org/) in Geneva, Switzerland.  In an effort to help Mira Loma High School students and parents understand the relationship between the IB, state, local graduation and UC entrance requirements the IB Parents Organization publishes the IB Handbook.  The on-line version is available by clicking here (pdf file).

To get another perspective, Troy High School (http://www.troyhigh.com) in Fullerton, CA, also publishes an IB information handbook.  Fairview High School's in Colorado is also available here

CAS handbook in doc format or pdf format

CAS hour reporting form, doc format or pdf format

Volunteer Opportunities

The International Baccalaureate Parents Organization, IBPO, is a non-profit corporation established to support the IB and MYP programs at Mira Loma. This parent group helps sustain the high quality of the program by providing both financial and volunteer resources to support the students, teachers, and staff. The IB program has many needs beyond those of the typical high school program. There are expenses for the IB examination process, special classroom materials not provided by the district, information resources for students, families, and the community, financial assistance for student teams participating in national competitions, and professional development for the faculty. Many of the resources and activities that the IB Parents Organization provides are of benefit to all Mira Loma students, not just IB students. Each year the IB Parents Organization raises funds and provides support such as:

Classroom Support

Program Support

Student Support

Supplementary textbooks

IB Exam proctoring

Carpool and telephone list

    and subscriptions

8th grade outreach/

SAT practice exams

Educational software

     information nights

College Sunday

Art and science supplies

Mat Matters support

IB Senior Dinner

Lab equipment

Academic competitions

IB Alumni Breakfast

Audiovisual equipment and

IB teacher recognition

IB exam scholarships

     technology upgrades

     and support

College/Career Center

Curriculum resources

IB publications and website


To accomplish all this, the IB Parents Organization relies on fund-raising and parent volunteers. A donation appeal letter is sent each fall and your tax deductible contribution can be made in monthly installments. The IBPO also participates in the school-wide Bingo fund-raiser. Parent participation, whether on an occasional or on-going basis, is crucial to the success of our many programs and activities. The IB Parents Organization is run by a volunteer board and all parents with a student taking one or more IB classes are considered members. During the school year the IBPO hosts bimonthly general meetings on specific topics of interest to IB parents. Monthly board meetings are open to all parents. Check Mat Matters for meeting dates and times.


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