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Chamilia beads speak the woman's mind, hold a mirror to her dreams and desires, whims and passions with a collection that promises a design tailored to fit every mood and occasion.http://www.pandordeal.com/ , The brand went on to revolutionize the industry of jewelry designing as never before when designers Killian Rieder and Jeff Julkowski launched their collection in 2002.http://www.mbtsachat.com/ ,The debut collection consisted of a line of beads of 14K gold, sterling silver, Italian Murano glass and colored stones together with select necklaces and bracelets. Today it boasts of a lavish range of beads with both innovative designs as well as experimenting in antique collections.


It uses exquisite materials from 14K gold to sterling silver, Italian Murano glass to rich silks in a collection that flaunts the finest finesse. Chamilia beads have large holes so that they can be weaved into a bracelet or necklace. This enables customers to create their own designs, customizing jewelry to address every pulse and flow of the human mind. With every new collection launched every season, Killian Rieder never fails to surprise. Her collection exudes her passion and genuine love for the work.Chamilia beads constitute a collection of enameled beads made of sterling silver base with glass bonding. Till 2010, about 25 beads have been introduced with poly-chromatic shades and designs such as an easter egg and beach ball. The Nozomi collection is inspired by the Japanese lore which features enameled beads in the surreal shape of little girls, signifying love and ecstasy.The Venetian glass collection is made up of Italian Murano glass cocooning a sterling silver core cast in various shapes of fantastic flowers and animals which weave magic with their design.


A guide book provides clues for using and combining these beads into necklaces and bracelets.Chamilia crystal beads add the sheen and brilliance to your collection with dreamy designs that would automatically catch all eyes. Be it a birthstone, a heart or cherry dangle, in animal shapes or floral designs, geometric shapes or original patterns, you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd with the jewelry that defines your personality.The collection also offers the Disney fans awesome beads in the shapes of their favorite Disney characters like Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse, Pooh or Cinderella. This delightful range is like a fairy tale.The classy customer can choose from the feast of gold and silver beads especially designed for that particular elegance that can never go out of fashion.The brand supports many charity organizations and is actively engaged in a variety of welfare causes. With offices in many parts of the USA, the brand today is very much the face of the culture of contemporary jewelry designs. It is indeed a rich constellation in the galaxy of jewelry fashion.



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